Quality Certificates


The importance we attach to quality with our experience has always been our priority. Since our establishment, we have adopted the principle that every product that comes out of our workshops is of a quality that exceeds customer satisfaction. We reinforce this principle with our quality certificates and continue to walk confidently on this path with the investments we have made.


  • In June 2007, “ISO 9001 – Quality Management System” certificate;
  • In July 2013, “OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System” document;
  • In February 2015, “ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System” and “TS ISO 3834-2 – Welded Manufacturing Competence” documents;
  • Our company, which added the “EN 1090 – International Manufacturer” certificate to our portfolio in June 2015, started to serve at an international level in line with HSE policies.


The environment and the health and safety of our employees are the issues that we consider a priority in our organization. First of all, we care about creating a clean and safe working environment in which we will be happy to work. To this end, we update our hazards, risks, and opportunities, by effectively executing and updating all our processes in order to define our environmental impacts and prevent occupational accidents and health deteriorations. We protect a sustainable environment and consider the principle of “Respect for Nature” by using, recycling, and/or disposing of our products throughout their life cycle.


To meet the demands and suggestions of our customers at the highest level with a customer-oriented management approach,

To deliver on time by providing the best quality service at the least cost,

To follow the technology and apply it according to the needs, to prevent environmental pollution, reduce the wastes at the source, recycle as much as possible, dispose of the unrecovered wastes without harming the environment,

To contribute to the formation of environmental and OHS awareness by announcing our HSE policy to our customers, suppliers, and all relevant parties,

Honesty, hard work, respect for the environment and time,

To employ experienced personnel and to increase their contribution by training the employees,

To provide a safe and healthy working environment in which dangerous situations are defined and eliminated, OHS risks are reduced and announced to our personnel, by examining the potential hazards that our employees may be exposed to in the workplace and making necessary risk assessments with a proactive approach,

To prevent the occurrence of OHS-related accidents, occupational diseases, and damage,

To fulfill the legal, applicable, and other conditions related to OHS, quality, and environment,

To implement, supervise, continuously improve, maintain and review the environment, OHS, and quality management system.