Fields of Activity


With our industrial manufacturing, assembly, and engineering services, we provide services of international quality and standards, keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront. We work with Türkiye’s largest industrial companies with our workshops over 3,000 square meters in total, our modern machinery park, and our expert staff.

Workshop Applications

  • Pressure vessels and storage tanks manufacturing
  • Stainless equipment manufacturing
  • Aluminum chassis and equipment manufacturing
  • Industrial machinery, chassis, and spare parts manufacturing
  • Machining (CNC turning – milling)
  • CNC plasma cutting works
  • CNC press brake bending works
  • CNC guillotine cutting works

Mechanical Manufacturing and Installation

  • Industrial machinery and industrial equipment manufacturing and assembly
  • Industrial tank, silo, reactor, heat exchanger, etc. equipment manufacturing and installation
  • Manufacturing and assembly of motors and gearboxes
  • Manufacturing and installation of filters and vacuum pump groups
  • Roller manufacturing, assembly, and adjustment processes
  • Autoclave boiler manufacturing and installation
  • Textile and chemical machinery manufacturing and assembly
  • Power plants’ mechanical manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance

Pipe Manufacturing and Installation

  • Steam process lines manufacturing and installation
  • Manufacturing and installation of stainless pipelines
  • Carbon pipelines fabrication and installation
  • Manufacturing and installation of process pipelines
  • Manufacturing and installation of cooling water lines
  • Firewater lines manufacturing and installation

Steel Construction

  • Industrial steel platform manufacturing and assembly
  • Pipe carrier legs manufacturing and assembly
  • Manufacturing and assembly of storage, spare parts, and administration buildings
  • Hangar manufacturing and installation

Insulation Manufacturing and Installation

  • Manufacturing and installation of process pipeline insulation
  • Equipment surface insulation manufacturing and installation
  • Manufacturing and installation of ventilation ducts insulation

Projecting and Engineering

  • Autocad
  • Cadcam
  • Solidworks
  • Industrial design and engineering